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Parents, you can check grades and attendance online!

Parents you can check your students grades, attendance, and more online using ABI. Dewey Academy is now using ABI to help students and parents stay more informed about students’ progress.

In order to access this system, you must first have a valid, active e-mail address. Once you have this e-mail, follow the steps below to create your account.

  1. Go to the following web address Log In 
  2. Click on the link that says “Create New Account” found below the e-mail and password boxes.
  3. Select the parent account option. Click “Next.”
  4. Enter your valid e-mail address and create a password.

    NOTE: An e-mail message will be sent to the e-mail you entered asking you to verify your address.  In a separate window check your e-mail and open this e-mail and click on the link that says “Confirm Current E-Mail Address”. Back in the ABI window, click next.
  5. Enter the following information and click next.

    Student Permanent ID Number:
    Student Home Telephone Number:
    Verification Code: (please call the office if you don't have the verification code)
  6. After you have entered the required information will receive a confirmation email from the system.  Once you have verified your account information you will be able to login and view your student's information.

Please note: If the home phone number has changed or incorrect, you may receive the following message, "The information entered did not match the student you entered.  Please notify the school's attendance office to update your student's home telephone".  

Not all of your teachers may be using this system currently. If your teacher is not using this system, you will not have access to your assignments and current grade.

To find your current grades

  1. Click on the Grades menu and
  2. Select Gradebooks
  3. Click on the classes to access your current grades and assignments.